Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you again to all who bake bread and donate food so generously here in Norfolk, Virginia. We all pray that others will follow your example and give to their closest Foodbanks and think about the possibilities of donating warm clothing to those in dire need. Mary's Joy is simply a link to match "those in need with those who can help." This is done mainly by sharing addresses and phone numbers of established places of worship or bona fide charities who are known to distribute donations in a timely, efficient and loving manner.
I have names, addresses, email contacts and information of some very deserving people or organizations: Here are a few examples of the kinds of things that help. Please email me at for further information on the exact addresses and names of contact persons: Please note, I do not mail these myself nor act as a collection point. I will send exact mailing address so that you may mail items yourself. Some of the following are mere reminders to check your local foodbanks and donate directly, and some creative ways to do this are suggested below.

Infant and children's clothing and sleepwear are needed at a South Dakota Native American reservation.

Hand knitted or crocheted blankets for infants, always needed in general.

Throughout the United States: Donate to your local foodbank. Creative ways for you to collect more items personally: Include "Canned Event. Bring a few canned items to my party on, to be donated to our local foodbank."
Imagine if every weekend around the U.S. private parties were "Canned" events.

Throughout the United States: Young ladies, mothers to be need business attire for job interviews. Check your local listings for clothes closests in your city or seek out Women's Shelters, homeless shelters, places of worship who might refer you to someone who can take your donations.

MARY'S JOY BREAD-BOXES-Place a Bread box in your local church kitchen once a month to donate directly to the nearest shelter, soup line, or Catholic Worker House, anywhere bread or non-perishable items are needed. Do this in addition to donating to the Food Banks.

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