Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Sonata
A Sonata,
copyright 1994,
Kathryn Forrester Thro ,
Poet Laureate Emeritus of Virginia

In the gardens of the Fountainbleau,
night danced upon the water. Desire,
ending in the afternoon, went singing to
itself and poured its thousand waxen

candles to a single flame, expired into
sepia's cool hands, so that my poor poet's
pen could write of higher things; blue ice ink
of the meeting of two minds, transcending

earth, orbital rhythmic dance, our lonely
hymn a spired dream, faith's honeycomb
poured within the gates, music of the water spheres,

sonatas of all saints, gold cities
beneath our feet and orchids, singing, finally
a cappella, what they tried to tell us all along.


Kathryn Forrester Thro supports Pro Life Movement

How precious are the lives of the innocent unborn. No health care reform can include a disregard for their innocent lives. We must support the work of Pro Life groups who do all they can to support young Mothers in a world that is often unkind to those living in poverty and point to alternatives to abortion.

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